July 8, 2012 Good Penny

The Chevin

Who is at the top of the 12 artists to watch in 2012 list from The Examiner? The Chevin. Our Andrew Hollander co-produced their EP, and it was recorded here at Goodpenny. And, while we knew they were on to something, it looks like everyone else is starting to find out as well:

“…Their name isn’t the only thing that stands out, so does their music. Last year, they released their Champion EP which featured the tour de force single “Champion” along with four equally amazing and diverse songs… anyone who has heard the band’s debut EP or songs from their upcoming CD could verify that The Chevin are the real deal…” 

If you haven’t heard their EP, check it out HERE and take a listen to their much-loved single, “Champion,” below.

The Chevin – Champion by The Chevin