October 29, 2012 Good Penny

Goodpenny Live

To say “Goodpenny Live” was a smashing success would be bragging. But it wouldn’t be untrue. This weekend, after months of brainstorming and preparation, the first two sessions of Goodpenny Live brought creative minds and accomplished artists together for a conversation about their stories and the journey from an idea to a final product. The free-flowing conversation between our guests and the audience refreshingly lacked predetermined structure and created an environment of openness and transparency. Anything could happen, and did.

We’re so grateful to all of the amazing people that came out to join us for these first two sessions. The questions and feedback from the audience were incredible. We’d also like to once again thank our incredible guests:

Saturday Evening:

Singer/Songwriter Peter Cincotti broke in our new 1893 Steinway Piano with some incredible songs that gave merit to the New York Times’ claim that he is “one of the most promising singer-pianists of the next generation.”

Director Mark Pellington opened up about personal moments that have impacted the images he’s created for all kinds of screens. From his newfound appreciation for taking photos on his phone to his major motion pictures, each image tells his story.

Singer/Songwriter C. Gibbs brought us a couple of his new songs and recounted the moments and emotions that led to their creation. His performance of “Hotel St. Marie” with Goodpenny’s Andrew Hollander is still being talked about.

Multimedia performance artist Johann Carlo shared her journey from her first memory of acting by “smoking pencils at the bowling alley” to working with Robert Redford to her more recent endeavors inspiring kids at disadvantaged schools to find the art in themselves.

Sunday Evening:

Grammy award-winning Singer/Songwriter Jesse Harris opened up about the journey from writing with some of the most well-known acts in the world to his most recent work on his own album “Sub Rosa.” We were all excited to hear a couple of those songs before he heads to South America on tour later next month.

Former lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Jincey Lumpkin opened up about the business opportunities and artistic inspiration that’s led to her being referred to as the “Lesbian Hugh Hefner” and what kind of impact her sex column in the Huffington Post has had.

Singer/Songwriter Greg Garing brought an incredible set of performances to the stage and shared the story of his long road back from a disease that would have knocked out a lesser man. He even snuck in an amazing guitar solo during one of Jesse’s tunes.

Multimedia artist Jennifer Tzar shared the stories behind the images and photographs for which she has made a name for herself and was also prompted to join in on a song or two with the other guests on stage.

We are already in pre-production for the next installments of “Goodpeny Live” and would love to have you join us next. To stay updated on the final details, join us on Facebook, follow us @goodpenny, and be on the lookout for more details in early November.