Film and Digital Edit Specs


Post-Production, VFX and Digital



  • Advanced HD editing suites with the Avid V6.5 – V8 Media Composer, Adobe Premiere CC and Final Cut Studio 7
  • Autodesk Flame 2015 Ext 3 , Flare and Flame Assist systems for high-end finishing, compositing, and visual effects
  • Resolve 11 Color Correction suite
  • Full Adobe CC Suites: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and more.
  • High bandwidth fiber network infrastructure with Facilis Terrablock advanced shared storage server for
    multi-stream SD/HD playback, media and asset management
  • High speed broadband internet with client review and media sharing services
  • All HD and SD formats supported


 Sound Record and Mixing (Sugarbox Studios/Gear List PDF)



  • Beautiful soundproofed recording studio with live tracking room, vocal booth, and natural daylight
  • Acoustically-tuned 5.1 mixing/control room with ProTools and assorted analog outboard gear
  • Individual composing suites with ProTools and music production software
  • A full complement of vintage and modern gear including a Neve console, API and Altec preamps, a wide selection of
    microphones, and an array of instruments, from pianos, drum kits, percussion, guitars, and amps, to an Optigan,
    Hammond M3, and the infamous “Fun Machine”
  • Talented team of composers, producers, mixers, and engineers with a broad range of experience encompassing feature films,
    albums, television, commercials, and everything in-between
  • Chic and comfortable private lounge


Production Services

We offer soup-to-nuts production services, using our own talent or yours, be it a guerilla shoot on a Canon 5D to high-end production using 35mm film or HD digital acquisition such as Red or Arri Alexa. We are fully insured, are able to tap into a large pool of talent and technicians and can provide production coordination for those wanting to bring their own crew, talent, creatives, or other resources. We also offer on-set VFX supervision for complex productions requiring visual effects elements.